The superstitious and the nonbeliever.

I really enjoyed reading everyone’s comments and world-views during the previous update. Such thoughtful discussion was interesting and is always welcomed. Although not all of us agree on everything, at least there seems to be a consensus that the world is in trouble, and big actions need to be taken before it becomes an unpleasant place for humans to live.

Thanks to new patron Donald! Your contributions go a long way towards making this comic possible.

Thanks for reading, and looking forward to a great year 🙂


5.21 Transcript
A: There’s an old hut higher up on the mountain from where we are. Daisy found it originally.

[A: She brought back to camp an artifact. A diary, which she showed to me.]

[A: It was over 100 years old. Miraculous it survived this long.]

A: It says this place is rife with un-natural activity, and I didn’t like the sound of that.

Daisy: I still think that part’s a bunch of baloney.

[A: Well, that didn’t stop Mom from taking an interest in it…]