This is the last comic of the decade, since I’m taking a break Monday! Check in on Thursday, January 2nd for the next episode.

If I may ramble a little on my thoughts for the new year: While there are many good things to say about the 2010s, it was still a pretty crappy decade overall. Ten years ago I was in middle school, and had no idea just how weird things would get, in a geopolitical sense. It has been a decade dominated by the toxic combination of social media, populist politics, unethical business practices, and general lack of reasonable discussion on any subject. All while people continue to destroy the Earth’s environment, with little real commitment from governments to do anything about it.

I hope that in the new decade, politicians and plebeians (that’s me) alike can hold off from their juvenile mud-slinging long enough to have a polite conversation about the issues at stake. No matter how stupid or offensive the other side’s views may seem, there is always a reason why people, from climate deniers to “angry socialist commies”, see things the way they do.

We may not be able to reach an agreement on every social issue, but at least we can try. (and dear US political scene, exchanging childish insults and pandering to the base do not count as “trying”.)

Stop and listen. Don’t feel compelled to agree or disagree. Just hear them out. I think the world could be a better place for it.

Also, sometime this year I hope to have a slightly less tacky website for y’all to enjoy.


5.20 Transcript
Kiro: What emergency?
Daisy: Just an old name… Let’s be careful with our words
A: I don’t suppose she told the others I was alive?

Kiro: Yeah, so I did, and I’m sorry… They forced my hand.

A: I kind of figured that would happen.

Kiro: Look, I know I’ve screwed up big time, but I say this with absolute truth:

Kiro: I’m still new to camp. I haven’t taken any sides. I’m not a spy for anyone. I’m just trying to survive. If anything, Daisy, I took your side.

Daisy: So it’s really just self preservation and nothing more?

A: That’s fine. She’s not going anywhere. Let’s talk about Kiro’s alleged magical properties.