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The big future project is to create a 1 minute animated opening and possibly animate the first chapter but to make that a reality I will need your financial support, because of the sheer amount of time I would have to dedicate towards that. Patreon is the only significant source of income for this comic (I make practically nothing from ads). Patreon supporters receive a number of perks depending on level:

  • $1/month get high resolution comic pages 24 hrs early
  • $3/month get access to sketched pages + all previous benefits
  • $7.25/month get to read the comic 3 weeks ahead and view future bonus media + all previous benefits

The next milestone for this project is 100 Patreon supporters, at which I will attempt to create a 1 minute TV style intro, and further stages (TBD) will unlock in the future.

You’ve seen this 1000 times before, like all comic artists I benefit greatly from Patreon contributions. I have the added complication that my employment is seasonal, so money is tight in the winter.

As always, thank you for your support, regardless of what form that may take.

Patrons! (Listed in alphabetical order)

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Julius Alexander

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Bartender of the Apocalypse
Caleb Carter
Gerald Campbell
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James E Stallings
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Joe Waters
Kevin Stock
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Oliver Korpilla
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Roger Hipp
Tim Kirk
Wiebe Haanstra

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