About the comic:

Detox Camp is a mysterious location in the Alaskan wilderness, a place for exasperated parents to send their Internet-addicted teenagers and not have to deal with them for a few years (or ever again).

Kiro is a bit of a different case – an art student who turned to crime to pay for college. It just happens those were internet crimes, and a court order sends her to detox camp as a twisted punishment of sorts. But soon after arriving, Kiro senses something wrong, and it’s not just the total lack of adult supervision. Can she survive long enough to unearth the camp’s dark secrets, and perhaps discover the real reason she came here?

Updates Mondays and Thursdays (midnight Pacific), except for US holidays.

About the author

Alan (sereneseal) is currently studying Forestry & Natural Resources at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Likes traditional animation and spending time outdoors. May be the last millennial who still uses a dumbphone.

Contact me at real.sereneseal@gmail.com for questions/requests/ideas or if you just want to talk!