Happy Monday! I’ve been fairly quiet recently but there are reasons for that. I am pleased to present my second comic, Ocean Skies (every Friday on Webtoons/coming soon on Tapas)! It’s about a boy who summons himself to a fantasy world, but accidentally brings along the very girl he was trying to escape from. I’ve been posting it for a few weeks to experiment with the Webtoons site; it’s reached a point now where you can get a feel for the story. Check it out!

I’m still working on Detox Camp regularly, and I don’t anticipate any change to the update schedule in the near term despite having to juggle two comics, not to mention other work obligations. However, be warned that I might run into problems by August or September this year. In the worst case, I promise to keep at least one update per week. This isn’t a full-time job, and as of now this comic covers only 10% of my monthly living expenses. Thanks for all your support. It really means a lot.

if you actually read thru all that you’re cool. anyway the point is, check out the other comic, it probably isn’t that bad.

8.06 Transcript
Daisy: You’re on your own from here. Good luck.

A: Be very careful about Reina:

Kiro: I know. Leave it to me. See you soon.