Maybe Kiro hasn’t had a crush before?

Is anyone encountering strange pop-up ads on the site that redirect elsewhere (sometimes “greatdexchange” domain)? A reader brought this to my attention and I’ve also started encountering it. There should only be Google banner ads, so anything else is something that shouldn’t be there. As far as I can tell, it seems to be some kind of invisible layer over the comments section that gets triggered on the first click.

Also, if anyone has experience with websites in general and can give me advice on how to kill it, please help – I’m at my wits end here…

5.35 Transcript
Kiro: GAH

[Kiro: That’s strange. I never wake up so early.]

[Kiro: Right before the sunrise…]

[Kiro: As I thought.]
[Kiro: Then again, I can’t say I understand how they feel.]

[Kiro: Hey, how am I supposed to get to the top?]
[Kiro: This place has been abandoned for years… The lift doesn’t run.]