Kiro - Kiro was sent to camp after committing online fraud to pay for college. But is it just coincidence that she can understand what the local seals are saying?  Daisy - Supposedly the first person to be sentenced to detox camp, Daisy has become an expert at living off the land. Somehow got herself sent to camp for REFUSING to use social media.  A - The only camper who seems seriously committed to escaping. He’s also full of conspiracy theories about the place. Super mysterious. Trusts no one.  Reina - She’s got unfinished business with A, and is trying to climb the social ladder at camp. Unfortunately for her, everyone else just thinks she’s crazy.  Darien - Gaming addict and devourer of pop culture. As the student council president at camp, he now gets to exercise his leadership skills from too many strategy games and RPGs...  Jack - A quiet, nice kid who got sucked into the darkest parts of the Internet. Having forgotten his social skills he now serves as Darien’s minion. He’s getting better.  Penny - Everyone knows she’s the one really in charge on the student council. She may come off as level-headed, but does she have strange designs of her own?  Mom - The inscrutable woman who’s supposedly in charge of camp, though she only gets involved if something sparks her interest. Or perhaps when someone dies.