Current and future characters, (better drawings coming soon). This list will be updated as the story progresses.

Kiro was so determined to go to art school, she stole hundreds of cell phones to pay the bills. Now she must face the consequences. But if she’s good at anything, it’s surviving whatever life throws at her. Also, she can possibly understand certain non-human entities.







Daisy is either a murderer, misunderstood soul or both. Having spent longer at camp than anyone else, she’s become a pro at living off the land – or is there something she’s not letting on about?







Darien is an ex-video game addict and devourer of pop culture. As glorified student council president at camp, he now gets to exercise his leadership skills derived from playing too many strategy games and RPGs. At least he tries.






Penny was top of her class before social media addiction got the better of her. Now she’s recovering, as the only sign of intelligence in the council. Deep down she can be sweet and caring, but she seems incapable of any expression besides dead serious.







Jack is a quiet, smart, nice kid who retreated into the decidedly not-family-friendly world of Internet forums, hiding from real life. Having forgotten his social skills, he now serves as Darien’s minion, but he’s slowly getting them back.








Mom is the mysterious lady in charge of camp, but in name only. She only gets involved when something serious happens, like if someone dies. Or if anything sparks her interest.







A Seal?