There will be no update on Christmas this Thursday.

Volume 1 of the print comic is available on Amazon currently.

Including the first 3 chapters, volume 1 runs ~120 pages. They came out pretty nicely, I think. Colors look better than I expected. Volume 2, containing chapters 3-6 should be available sometime early next year. I’m working on a nice formatted ebook version as well, not sure when that will be available yet (hopefully soon).

The cost of the print version is $17.95 USD. I’m looking for ways to bring that cost down, though for readers outside the US may be out of luck for now. Within the US, it may be possible to get the print copies somewhat cheaper if I ship them myself, around $13 plus shipping, though I won’t be able to do that until January or later.

Here’s the proof copy I got in the mail the other day! (just ignore the not for resale label)


7.28 Transcript
[Kiro: If I really have to start over…]
[Kiro: Where should I go?]
[Kiro: Back to the library might be a good idea…]
[Kiro: Hell, why an I even thinking about this?]
[Kiro: They’re probably just late…]
[Kiro: Or what if something happened to them?]

Kiro: No, it can’t be!

Daisy: What’s got you all flustered?