7.22 Transcript
Reina: Is that some kind of threat? You’re going to sink the ship? Very funny.
Kiro: No, Reina, It’s sunk already. Run aground, I mean. Not far west of here.

[Kiro: Wait just a second here…]

Kiro: I’ve got a proposal for you. We– I need food and you want a place on the council, no?

Reina: What are you playing at?

Kiro: In return for a potential windfall of food, allow me to be your… political advisor. If you take credit, I’m sure you will have a shot at the council.

Reina: True, elections are coming up, but why should I believe you at all?

Kiro: Give me a few days and I’ll meet you back here. We’ll talk more then. If you try to rat me out again… no deal.