Overthrowing a dictator is the easy part. What comes after, rarely goes as intended.

6.46 Transcript
Kiro: If the sole concern is survival I feel we should return to camp. There’s food, shelter, power. We probably have to overthrow the current administration, but…

A: No, it won’t work..
A: The one thing these tragedies had in common – people turning on each other. You ever notice that hydroelectric plant on the other side of the bay? It was built 50 years ago to power the aluminum smelter.
A: One winter storms cut off all access and communications, trapping workers inside the plant.

A: They were freezing and starving to death. They decided to cross the iced up bay to the smelter, which still had supplies. But when they got there, they found something even worse waiting for them.
A: We’re different. We’re prepared to ride this winter out ourselves.

Kiro: Something worse?