Hey all I’ve got a question!

I’m thinking about making some print versions of this comic, starting with the chapters 1-3 as one volume, and then releasing the second volume containing chapters 4-6 once chapter 6 is done. The books would be standard manga size (14.8 x 21 cm) with 120-140 pages. Pricing would be around US $6-7 for black and white, $14-16 for color.

So I guess my question is, do people still buy physical copies of webcomics? Or is this like totally out of fashion? (Personally, I cannot read well on a screen, which it why it takes me months to get through long webcomic archives. But an actual paper comic book, I will just fly through. Anyone else feel this way?)

6.28 Transcript
Daisy: so according to your claim, the ship seems to be wrecked in the Narrows. The water can get rough, so we’ll have to time it with the tide. Or we could hike it.
A: I saw a mama bear and cubs last time I went out that way…
Daisy: By boat it is then.

Kiro: You never thought of just Sailing out and not coming back?

Daisy: Trust me, I tried. Ask my last two boats how that went.