Tread carefully, A. She’s a tough cookie sometimes.

Sorry about the late update. As my college has been shut down due to COVID-19, I was forced to move on short notice. I’ve never seen the freeways of California so empty as while driving along yesterday – and probably never will again, after this is all over.


6.07 Transcript
Daisy: Really? You vanish for half the day then just walk in on us with a mysterious request? We were worried!
A: Yeah…

Kiro: I’m sorry for worrying you, Mom and Dad, but this is really important.
Daisy: We’re not your parents.
A: What is it, Kiro? Why not tell both of us?

Kiro: Well, if you’re interested in more occult nonsense, Daisy, be my guest.

Kiro: I met the bird woman you talked about, A. She knew my name.