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you know she’s serious when she talks in bold

Some of you were mentioning reading through the whole comic in 1-2 days… maybe I should go back and do that sometime, for the heck of it… though I can’t really stand the art in the first two chapters so if anything this will be a test of endurance. I promise I won’t go back and redraw those earlier pages if i do, i promise that new updates are ALWAYS first priority, and any such shenanigans will NOT impact the update schedule.

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6.06 Transcript
A: I’m sure we will be able to find her.
Daisy: She has a tendency to run off into the woods, you see… and an oddly high tendency to survive.

Kiro: My knees they are in pain

Kiro: Hey! Cute old couple!

Kiro: Sorry to interrupt your romance, but this is very important.

Kiro: A, I’m going to punish you.