i turn 24 today!

Thanks for sharing all your stories on the last update. First I wanted to mention I was surprised at how many different countries were represented! And yet how all our experiences have a lot in common. This is probably the first event in my lifetime that seems to have reached all over the world and left nobody’s daily lives untouched. For those of you that have encountered trouble, I’m praying as much as you are that the crisis has reached its peak and the tide is turning. A few specific observations from last week’s comments;

@Kora: Exactly what I’m scared will happen here in California in the coming days… Spending time with family is nice, but doesn’t take too many days indoors till everyone starts driving each other up the walls… stay safe out there.

@Miles: I appreciate so much what you & other service workers are putting up with on a daily basis, and it’s just terrible how things are being run everywhere. Really hope government can step in and provide some kind of relief soon for normal folk, because at this rate sooner or later everything is gonna collapse.

@das-g: Same problem here- so many people disregarding the social distancing orders, I went on a hike yesterday and guess what, massive groups of college students traveling in large herds and acting like it’s all one big holiday. Gonna avoid that park till things quiet down a bit. This is what’s going to get outdoor activity banned, and as someone who can’t sit indoors for more than a couple hours, that sounds absolutely horrifying.

@DarkHazen: While our healthcare system here in the USA undoubtedly has top notch physicians, medicine and facilities, it’s impossible to get good care unless 1) you’re rich, 2) you go into a ton of debt that usually leads to bankruptcy, or 3) you fork over 1/3 of your paycheck to predatory “insurance” companies that will still find any reason not to cover you. I’m terrified of getting sick as well (or even worse, my parents getting sick).

Lastly but importantly I want to thank all patrons of this and other comics, for supporting us creators through this difficult time. Currently what I make from Patreon covers hosting and other misc expenses plus about a third of advertising, so that helps keep this comic from becoming an unsustainable financial drain (in other words, I can’t afford to keep this going without your support). Even if it’s only a few dollars it still means a lot.

Oh, and finally… it would be such a power move to toilet paper somebody’s house about now


6.05 Transcript

Kiro: I got tricked into exercising, huh…