No surprise. People these days are so flaky, amirite?


For those of you living in areas affected by COVID-19, I’m interested in hearing about your stories/experiences thus far, how things have changed, etc. if you don’t mind sharing! As for me, I’m in my last year of college and as many of you have probably heard, a lot of universities across the US, including mine, have basically shut down due to the virus. I’m pretty heartbroken to have to spend my last few months taking online classes, being separated from my classmates and professors, and likely not even walk in spring commencement. But I realize that everyone affected by this situation has their own troubles so there’s no use complaining about it. At least I’m not out of a job or a place to live, so very grateful for it.

Also suggestions for how not to die of boredom during a quarantine are appreciated (as much as I love drawing this comic I’m not going to do it 24/7, and as much of an introverted art person I may be, I cannot stand spending too much time indoors).

Stay safe and wash your hands y’all.


6.04 Transcript
Kiro: That was all she wanted me to come up to do? Just sniff me and leave?

[Kiro: Wait a second. Doesn’t A know about her too?]

[Kiro: I will wring that information out of him.]
[Kiro: Also, he better have made breakfast.]