The growling may or may not be his stomach.

Thanks for reading everyone!

Looking for some tips here: for those of you that read a lot of comics, what are some good ways to make a comic website more friendly to new readers? I’m not sure if the current “landing page on most recent page” setup is the best way to go. I am planning to overhaul the site sometime in Q1 2020, and would love some feedback on this matter.

EDIT: Thank you all for the comments and advice! Judging from what’s been said I suppose the layout is reasonable for webcomics… in general I’ll probably keep the layout the same and focus on updating the visuals, since the site still looks like something from the 90s. I won’t be playing around with fancy things like cookies since frankly, I know nothing about such technical stuff (the fact that this site functions at all is something of a miracle). By the way, anyone having issues with page load time?


5.23 Transcript
Mom: Sorry, kid, but you’re not allowed to have that.