General information about the site:

What is the comic’s genre?

Mystery/low fantasy/adventure, and perhaps some other things.

Family friendly?

PG-13 I guess. Mostly Safe For Work but very occasional violence and blood.

My comment’s not showing up?

I have to manually approve comments,and I try to do this ASAP, but don’t worry if you experience a few hours’ delay. I read and approve all non-spam comments. Also, my spam filter eats any comments with hyperlinks in them, so just insert a random character like h*ttps and it’ll show. The filter is necessary because I don’t have the time or patience to go through 100+ spam comments a day. (How did they find this site??)

Complaints about ads

Ads are necessary to keep the site running. However, if you see something that’s offensive or invasive (there SHOULD NOT BE ANY pop ups or adult ads!) send me an email and I’ll try to get it resolved quickly.

Why is this website so broken?

I have no knowledge of web design whatsoever, but I’m working on making it better! Presently, I am hoping to roll out a major update in late 2020, which should finally bring the site into the 21st century…

Other/shop talk/comic related stuff…

What software do you use?

I do all the drawing and coloring in Clip Studio Paint, tracing over nice clean scans webcam shots of rough pencil sketches. Layout and text is done in Adobe Illustrator CS6.

Why do you draw in anime style?

Let me be honest with you – it’s fast and efficient. I don’t draw in anime style so much as I take advantage of the many shortcuts offered by it, so naturally it ends up looking anime-esque. Simplified shading, facial profiles and features save a huge amount of time while still providing effective visual communication. This is what makes 2 pages per week possible. Of course, I care about you readers a lot and I’d love to bring you something better, but this is a long way from being a full-time job.

Also let me be clear- it’s hard to do a simplified style well without a lot of practice in traditional figure drawing. (After all, the word “simplified” implies that it came from something more structured and complex.) But enough of me pretending to be an expert. I didn’t get into art school.

How do you have the time to dedicate to a webcomic?

I don’t spend a lot of time on social media or watching TV, and I don’t sleep in. Also, the 20-minute rule: if I catch myself aimlessly browsing the interwebs for more than 20 minutes, I stand up and reevaluate my priorities. Don’t take this the wrong way, though. It’s not necessary to wake up at 4am every day and burn yourself out trying to be “productive”. Relaxing and unwinding is just as important. So just set a time every day to do so (for me, the last hour before bed).

tl,dr: hustle culture is a stupid fad. sorry if that offends.

What is Kiro’s race/ethnicity/nationality?

This will be answered one day.

What’s it like to not own a smartphone in today’s society?

Come on, that’s unfair… Honestly, I’m not really sure what I’m missing out on, but probably a whole lot of stuff. Like, getting dates would probably be a lot easier if I shelled out for an iDevice? The biggest thing stopping me from owning a smartphone is the implication that you are always online and accessible at any time. I don’t think I can handle the stress from that. For that reason, it’s worth the occasional inconvenience (lol can’t even rent a friggin scooter without one… hope the bus doesn’t go that way some day?)

You study forestry, how come you’re so bad at drawing trees?

I didn’t choose my major for artistic reasons..