Monday and Thursday, 0:00 AM, except for certain US holidays.

I wish I could do 3 days a week but between college stuff and work, that’s not an option at this point.

What is the comic’s genre?

Mystery/low fantasy/adventure, and perhaps some other things.


PG-13 I guess. Mostly SFW but,very occasional violence and blood.

My comment’s not showing up?

I have to manually approve comments,and I try to do this ASAP, but due to my schedule you may experience a few hours’ delay. Also, my spam filter eats any comments with hyperlinks in them, so just insert a random character like h*ttps and it’ll show. The filter is necessary because I don’t have the time or patience to go through 100+ spam comments a day. (How did they find this site??)

Why is this website so broken?

I have no knowledge of web design whatsoever, but I’m working on making it better! Presently, I am hoping to roll out a major update in Q1 2020, which should bring the site into the 21st century…

What software do you use?

I do all the drawing and coloring in Clip Studio Paint, tracing over rough pencil sketches. Layout and text is currently done in Adobe Illustrator CS6.

You study forestry, how come you can’t draw trees?

I didn’t choose my major for artistic reasons..