General information about the site:

Is this comic Family friendly?

Rated PG-13 for occasional cartoonish violence and blood.

How long is the comic going to be?
I don’t know. The story is planned out, and it will definitely be a couple of years long at least, but it’s hard to say at this point.

My comment’s not showing up.

If you’re commenting for the first time, I have to manually approve it, and I try to do this ASAP, but don’t worry if you experience a few hours’ delay. I read and approve all non-spam comments. Also, my spam filter eats any comments with hyperlinks in them, so just insert a random character like h*ttps and it’ll show. If you’ve commented once, the filter will allow any subsequent comments as long as you use the same info (name/email).

Why do I have to enter my email?

Honestly I don’t care if you type some random email in. It’s just the site’s way of identifying individual commenters, as long as you use the same one each time.

Complaints about ads

Ads are necessary to keep the site running. However, if you see something that’s offensive or invasive (there SHOULD NOT BE ANY pop ups or adult ads!) send me an email and I’ll try to get it resolved quickly.

Why is this website so broken?

I have no knowledge of web design whatsoever, but I’m working on making it better! Presently, I am hoping to roll out a major update in late 2020, which should finally bring the site into the 21st century…

Other/shop talk/comic related stuff…

What software do you use?

I do all the drawing and coloring in Clip Studio Paint, tracing over nice clean scans webcam shots of rough pencil sketches. Layout and text is done in Adobe Illustrator CS6.

How long does it take to make one page?
About 3-5 hours, though it can take days if I’m not feeling well.

What is Kiro’s race/ethnicity/nationality?

This will be answered one day.

What’s it like to not own a smartphone in today’s society?

Come on, that’s unfair… The biggest thing stopping me from owning a smartphone is the implication that you are always online and accessible at any time. I don’t think I can handle the stress from that. For that reason, it’s worth the occasional inconvenience (lol can’t even rent a friggin scooter without one…)

You study forestry, how come you’re so bad at drawing trees?

I didn’t choose my major for artistic reasons..