Monday and Thursday, 0:00 AM. I wish I could do 3 days a week but between college stuff and work, that’s not an option at this point.

What is the comic’s genre?

Has mystery and fantasy elements but I’m not sure what to classify it as exactly.


PG-13 I guess. Mostly SFW but,very occasional violence and blood.

My comment’s not showing up?

I have to manually approve comments, so first time commenters may experience a couple hours’ delay.

Why is this website so broken?

I have no knowledge of web design whatsoever, but I’m trying to make it better!
(The archive page in particular, is completely manually entered. I know there’s a way to automatically generate it with thumbnails, but can’t get it to work. If anyone is familiar with WordPress, some tips would be greatly appreciated.)

What software do you use?

Drawing is done in Clip Studio Paint, layout in Adobe Illustrator.

If you’re a forestry major, how come you can’t draw trees?

I didn’t choose my major for artistic reasons..